Newsletter – 20 Feb 2022 It's a love Thing...

How are you?

Thank you so much for reading my news letters and I hope all is going well with you.

Please keep your happings coming for inclusion on any of the forthcoming 'Great Vibes & Good Glorious Music Live Syndicated Phone In' shows;

The Monday edition now happens;

Monday 9am - 12 mid EST Monday 1pm - 4pm GMT Monday 10pm - 2am GMT

I am so pleased to deliver to you this week's 'New Letter' which includes a 7 hour Valentine Special where we introduce our 'Vibes Masters' and Special Guests who certainly brought da fun and heat to the show!!! You'll see who they are when you scroll down further in this letter. I have also included my interview with Ed Adoo and more.

Thank you #EdAdoo of #BBCThreeCountiesRadio #BBCNorthamptonRadio #BBCSoundsRadio for having me on your great Sunday evening show. Keep up your awesome work.

Grab your diary as I have a few dates for you.

Thank you for Liking, Subscribing and sharing my posts that you see on various media platforms.

Have a blessed week. xx

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