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The Thursday Club

Hosted by Power Couple Dean Okai & Iola Williams

*What is Black Love?* πŸ–€

What does it have to do with the advancement of our community?Β 

Join us TONIGHT at *#BlackLove the Revolution Will Not Be Televised* (28.02.19) where we'll explore these themes together:

πŸ–€ Why Communication is not key, it is everything: Exploring Love LanguagesΒ 

πŸ–€ Black Love in (and as) Business

πŸ–€ Is Black Love under attack? Representation and the Power of Media

πŸ–€ Balancing masculine and feminine energy:

The Emasculation of Black Men

7pm - 10pmΒ 

Karibu Education CentreΒ 

7 Gresham RoadΒ 


London SW9 7PHΒ 

There's still time to book online, it'll be more on the door:Β 


See you there! πŸ–€

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