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(DJ) Elayne Smith
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Elayne Smith, better known as DJ Elayne, is a beautiful and talented individual who deserves a lot of credit for her dedication to media, entertainment and music.

She is a female who defied all the stereotypes and with her energy and exuberance, catapulted herself into the forefront of radio in the 1980’s.

She commanded the LWR breakfast show which afforded her a massive audience which numbered around 2 million listeners.

This was the beginning of an illustrious career that subsequently took her to presenting her own talent search show, ‘291 Club’ which aired on both ITV and Channel 4.

Further success followed with an A&R Manager appointment at EMI records, giving her the distinction of being the first woman to hold that position in the UK.

The story does not end there, as Elayne went on to present Top of the Pops and join B Sky B for some of their landmark shows including “Rage,” “Global Jukebox,” and the “Chart Show.”

Elayne is currently presenting syndicated shows on LWR Radio, Jump268, Fly Fresh N Phat whilst compiling Fly Fresh N Phat Showcase album VOL 2.

We can also look forward to her autobiography, self help books, a school room in honour of her late mother, more 291Club productions and her new wig collection.